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Review MakerBot SKETCH 3D Printer

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Details: MakerBot SKETCH 3D Printer

Brand: MakerBot

review MakerBot SKETCH 3D Printer

Meet the all-new Sketch 3D Printer, the comprehensive 3D printer solution designed to accelerate learning and design-thinking. Parents and Educators can offer the ideal 3D printing experience to drive 3D printing classroom success right from the start. With teacher and student certifications and more than 600+ lesson plans included, educators can integrate more interactive design projects and increase student engagement. Classroom 3D printer management is easier than ever with one queue management dashboard via MakerBot Cloud. Students can share design projects wirelessly and teachers can manage queues easily between printers. Printers feature a fully enclosed design and a built-in particulate filter for better safety, easy-to-use touchscreen operation. Includes Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in camera for remote monitoring.

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  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • MakerBot SKETCH: Ideal 3D Printer for Home and Education, MakerBot Cloud file management and hundreds of lessons plans, help you maximize student engagement and enable more classroom printing, teacher and student certifications
  • Reliable, Tinker-Free 3D Printer: Classroom and home friendly design with enclosed chambers, built-in particulate filters, and heated, flexible buildplates
  • ISTE-certified, 3D Printer Online Training: Self-paced online courses include 2 MakerBot Certification seats for teachers and 10 seats for students covering printer operation, design-thinking and more
  • Cloud-based, file management: Easy-to-use file management dashboard via MakerBot Cloud allows you to access and manage printing queues between printers from anywhere wirelessly; integrates easily with TinkerCad & Fusion 360**


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  • Delivery may be delayed in some areas.

review MakerBot SKETCH 3D Printer

review MakerBot SKETCH 3D Printer

Buyer Guide 3D Printers

 3D Printers offer users the ability to create physical objects from digital files. Buying the right 3D Printer can be a daunting task and this guide is here to help you make the right decision.

  • Budget. Budget is the biggest factor that should guide your buying decision. While a low-end printer may suffice for most users, the difference in print quality between a low-end and a high-end printer may not be worth the added cost.
  • Nozzle Size. Nozzle size determines the size of the nozzle tip. A larger nozzle tip prints finer details, but requires more time to print. The tradeoff is that printing a large object may require more material.
  • Filament Diameter. The filament diameter determines the diameter of the extruded thread. The thinner the filament the better the resolution, but the larger the print. The bigger the print, the longer it takes to print.
  • Print Speed. Print speed determines how fast the printer can print, measured in mm/s. Higher print speeds allow you to print larger objects in a short time.
  • Nozzle Change Time. The nozzle change will determine how quickly you can replace a nozzle tip. Changing a nozzle tip with a slow change time means you need to wait for the printer to cool down before you can replace the nozzle tip.


How to choose 3D Printers

 3D printing is a fairly new technology, and it can be difficult to sort through all of the different products available. Before you invest in a new printer, it’s important to consider which 3D printer model will best suit your printing needs.

  • Are you going to print mostly small items, or bigger, highly detailed parts? If you are only going to be printing small, highly detailed items, you may want to invest in a printer that can produce smaller parts.
  • Do you want to print in plastic or metal? Some printers can print in plastic, while others can print in metal. Also, some printers can print both.
  • Do you need to print in full color? If you are looking to create full-color prints, you will likely need a 3D printer that can print in full color. Most 3D printers can print in somewhere between 1 and 6 colors.
  • Do you need to print in high resolution? If you are printing in plastic, you may need to invest in a printer with a high-resolution printhead.
  • Do you need to print in biodegradable materials? More and more 3D printers are capable of producing prints in biodegradable materials like PLA.
  • Do you need to print using 3D models? Some 3D printers can scan an object and turn it into a 3D model that the printer can print.

How to maintain 3D Printers

 Once you buy your 3D printer, you’re going to want to maintain it. As 3DPrint.com notes, there are a few steps you should take on a regular basis, including removing and cleaning the print bed, cleaning the printer, and regularly changing the filament.

  • Remove and clean the print bed: The print bed is the part of the 3D printer that holds the filament as it is heated up and extruded into the 3D print. Regularly removing and cleaning the print bed can help your 3D printer last longer and help prevent print failure.
  • Clean the printer: The most common issue people run into with their 3D printers is nozzle clogs. If your printer overheats, a clog may form in the nozzle. If you notice a clog, try cleaning it using a hot air blower. If you notice a clog in the nozzle, it may be necessary to replace the nozzle.
  • Regularly change the filament: When you print with your 3D printer, you use filament. This can be messy, so it’s important to regularly clean the filament and change out the old filament with a new one.